the AFICIONAUTO Takes a Look at the 1970 Dodge Charger Driven by Paul Walker

the AFICIONAUTO Takes a Look at the 1970 Dodge Charger Driven by Paul Walker

In this episode of YouTube car show the AFICIONAUTO, host Christopher Rutkowski takes a look at the iconic 1970 Dodge Charger as featured in the ‘The Fast and the Furious‘ series and driven by the late Paul Walker. The car is put through its paces, demonstrating the pure power contained within this manifestation of the essential American muscle car. Making its first appearance in the 2001 film T…

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Welcome to the World of “Gladiator Football” by Jonathan Glazer

Welcome to the World of “Gladiator Football” by Jonathan Glazer

When one thinks of the city of Florence, Italy, what normally comes to mind are the rarefied works of Michelangelo and Titian in the Uffizi Gallery, or the architectural grandeur of Il Duomo. However, a commercial shot for Canon by acclaimed director Jonathan Glazersheds light on another stunningly dynamic, albeit brutal, side of Florentine culture. The event depicted is the ‘Calcico Storico,’ a…

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Converse 2014 Fall Jack Purcell Jack Mid

Converse 2014 Fall Jack Purcell Jack Mid

The Converse Jack Purcell continues to garner appeal from across the realms of fashion and lifestyle. For 2014 fall, the Jack Midsilhouette receives an updated look, incorporating soft-milled full grain leather on its upper and a thick sole unit that further wraps around its toecap. Nickle eyelets and rounded laces offer quaint touches throughout and complements the sneaker’s subdue styling.…

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VFILES Sport Plus 2015 Spring/Summer Collection

VFILES Sport Plus 2015 Spring/Summer Collection

New York-based brand VFILES has unveiled its new Sport Pluscollection for the 2015 spring/summer season. Inspired by underground feminism and the ‘Riot Girl’ movement of the ’80s and ’90s, the collection projects an aesthetic of ‘girl power’ on the male body, as reinforced by punk rock badges of “IRRITANT” and “DO NOT TOUCH” motifs. The main aesthetic in this collection is that of classic…

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Courtly Cutlery

In creating Jarosinksi & Vaugoin’s design No. 192, Thomas Feichtner drew inspiration from the classic methods involved in producing utensils by hand, a process typically used by the manufactory. The resulting product employs a clever combination of clear surfaces and radiuses with a theme of two diametrically intersecting phases that together lend the cutlery a highly individual character. Robust…

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最近では、ヘッドスパが注目されるなど、顔だけでなく頭皮環境への興味関心が高まってきています。しかし、“頭皮が硬くなる”ということを耳にしたことはあっても、“頭がむくむ”ということは、意外と知られていません。 頭と顔は一枚の皮膚でつながっていることから、むくみを放置すると、顔にもその影響が出てきます。目の下のクマを引き起こしたり、顔がたるんだり、 頭が大きくなってしまう可能性も……。 そこで今回は、小顔美容サロン『M.PLUS(エム.プラス)』オーナー・むのさんにうかがった、頭のむくみがもたらす悪影響と解消法をご紹介します。 ■頭がむくむと顔が大きくなる! 顔や体がむくむように、頭もむくみます。頭がむくむと血行が悪くなり、頭痛や頭が重い、スッキリしないという症状にも。 また、脚がむくむとひとまわり太く見えるように、頭もむくむと大きくなってしまいます。むくみや老廃物が溜まることで、頭のハチが張りやすくもなってしまうのです。 さらに、顔も頭の一部のため頭のむくみを放置すると、当然顔にも影響が出てきます。顔が大きくなったり、頭皮の血行不良は目の下のクマの悪化にもつながります。しっかり寝ているのにクマが悪化している気がする……という人は、ひょっとすると頭がむくんでいるのかもしれません。 顔や体がむくみやすいという人は頭もむくんでいる可能性が高いので、むくみを解消してあげることが大切です。 ■毎日できる簡単! 頭のむくみ解消法3つ 今回、むのさんからうかがった、誰でも簡単にできる頭のむくみ解消法を3つご紹介します。 (1)トリートメント中に指で頭皮マッサージ トリートメントのタイミングで、指のはらを使って頭皮をグッグッと揉み解します。額の生え際から頭頂部、襟足に向かってマッサージすると効果的です。 (2)頭皮のクレンジングブラシでマッサージ シリコン製のゴムなどの突起がついた、頭皮のクレンジングブラシを使用して洗髪することで、頭皮の汚れもスッキリ落ち、同時にやさしくマッサージするように頭皮を刺激すると、血行が促進されむくみも解消されます。

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 “The Mockingjay Lives” Trailer

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 “The Mockingjay Lives” Trailer

The much anticipated third installment of “The Hunger Games film series, “Mockingjay Part 1,” has been released, and it looks like there will be many explosions, heart-wrenching moments and love triangles in store for us when it releases later this year. In the first full-length trailer above, we are shown glimpses of Katniss Everdeen stepping up to her role as the Mockingjay, while District…

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Happy Hips for Pups

Happy Hips for Pups

This clever canine creation, appropriately named “Hipster,” is a harness that helps rehabilitate dogs with hip problems such as dysplasia. The design serves not only as a harness for walking, but pulls up and strengthens the hip muscles to keep the femur in position to avoid popping out of its socket. With simple velcro straps, it’s as easy for owners to put on as it is for dogs to maintain…

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adidas Y-3 2015 Spring Qasa Low

adidas Y-3 2015 Spring Qasa Low

Continuing on with the adidas Y-3Qasa silhouette, Y-3 has released a new iteration, the Qasa Low, for the Spring 2015 season. While the upper features a neoprene construction, you can now choose between bright orange perforated suede or grey premium knit material for the toe vamp. The mid and outsole remain consistent with previous models in the series, with its signature tubular outer sole.…

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Nike Introduces New Third Kits for Manchester City, PSG and Barcelona

Nike Introduces New Third Kits for Manchester City, PSG and Barcelona

Nike has released newly designed third kits for FC Barcelona, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germainsoccer teams for the 2014-15 season. Featuring Nike’s Dri-FIT technology and environmentally sustainable materials, the kits were designed with the help of 3D body scanning technology to ensure the optimum balance between comfort and performance. The FC Barcelona kit is done in the Volt…

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